Allan Hubley is currently seeking to be elected to his fourth term out of the two that he originally promised to be in for.

Allan Hubley’s List of accomplishments:

Historical Preservation

The Château Laurier is one of Ottawa’s historical treasures, and what’s better than a historical treasure? If it was made BIGGER! Allan Hubley voted for the proposed addition…

Château Laurier

270 Buchan Road was a beautiful historical building. But all the Richcraft family ever wanted was a larger house, perhaps with an indoor pool and gold plated poolside bar, and the historical 270 Buchan stood in the way. Without knocking the historical building to the ground, the Richcraft family would be forever doomed to living a life of semi-luxury. Hubley was all too happy to vote to demolish the historical building in 2017. The Richcraft family donated generously to Allan’s campaign in 20182. After all, cheapened neighbourhoods are a small price for the city to pay, to make the Richcraft family happy.1

Property Taxes

Property taxes are too high, that’s why Hubley voted to give a 2.9 million tax break to a Porsche dealership. But don’t worry that dealership has an I.O.U with the city 10 years from now. And they promised that they won’t move cities or declare bankruptcy before then. After all, why would a company ever lie to us? Nortel is still here…oh wait.

Creating Jobs

David Renfroe needed a new job; he was president of the Home Builders Association. What better job than working for the city of Ottawa on the planning committee, overseeing building development? Allan Hubley made sure to vote for his appointment in 2018 . Hubley may have also gotten a kickback payment from Mr. Renfroe later that year as a campaign donation3 … but that’s not important! Getting a kickback payment from someone after you give them a job, is the Hubley way!

Light Rail

Light Rail, one of the biggest screw ups success stories during Hubley’s time as transit head. Not only was it built “okay”, but it also almost came to Kanata. No inquiry was needed, Hubley voted against that. And that CBC article about the unreliability of the LRT? Hubley says that’s just “fake news”4, a cunning strategy by an equally cunning councillor. A Journalist being talked down to by Hubley must have been a humbling experience for them, and the phrase "fake news" is awesome. It makes me want to reward Hubley with a fake vote for the fake statement that he made from his fake expertise in journalism.


As transit commissioner Hubley was out there making sure buses were on time and that routes made sense. Just joking, he voted for fare increases every single time, even during the pandemic.

Community Engagement

Brought digital expertise to the city by allowing a community resident to freely engage in webmaster activities for his political campaign. Thank you Hubley!

Climate Change

Allan Hubley’s stance on climate change is best summed up in his own words: “Has anyone ever died of climate change”5. Declare Climate Change an emergency? Voted against that6. Citizens' right to a healthy and safe environment? Voted against that7.

Freedom Convoy

After 23 days of doing nothing, Allan Hubley finally got the courage to stand up to the occupiers and tweeted a sheepish “thank you” to the police.8

Working Collaboratively

Hubley worked collaboratively with Jim Watson over WhatsApp in secret. No collaboration was done with citizen transit commissioner Sarah Wright-Gilbert or the rest of council. Unless whining and complaining about someone is considered collaborating, in which case there was lots of that.

Vacant Houses

There are zero vacant houses in Kanata South according to Allan Hubley9. Just ignore all those houses that investors have bought up but won’t rent out.

Representing the community at city hall?

If “community” means building developers that have generously contributed to Hubley’s campaign, then the answer is yes. Hubley represents those that fund his campaign, such people as10

John MacDougall: president of Uniform Urban Developments LTD, gave Hubley’s campaign $1200

Terry Nichols: president of Urbandale Construction, gave Hubley’s campaign $1200

Dennis Eberhard gave $1000 … known as the man that threw a hissy fit and sued when Arnprior Township refused to allow him to build an apartment building11. I don’t think Dennis takes rejection well.

Roger Greenberg: CEO of Minto, gave Hubley’s campaign $1200

In total, the majority of Hubley’s campaign is almost entirely funded by individuals connected to the building developer industry. Most of whom live outside of Kanata South. Citizens of Kanata South who weren’t associated with the developer industry gave less than a total of $280. Whenever a conflict of interest moment came up on city council with Minto, Taggart, Richcraft, or any other developer industry, Hubley made sure not to recuse himself from voting.

Working with all levels of government

No, not really, Hubley only works with one of the parties. Sorry Hospitals!

Allan Hubley